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Arabia Inform Executive Bios

Arabia Inform Corporate:

Mohamed Eliwa
CEO, Arabia Inform Global
Cairo University, Masters Degree, Economics
Helwan University, Bachelors Degree, Foreign Affairs

Mohamed Eliwa is the founder of Arabia Inform and its sister companies, Almotahida Multimedia and Moheet Internet Group. He has more than 35 years of experience in the information/technology industries, in both the Media and Financial Services Sectors. In addition to his expertise in information, he has been an IT instructor, trainer and consultant for multiple governmental organizations, corporations and NGOs. Mr. Eliwa sits on the Board of Directors of e-Labs, an initiative of the Egyptian Ministry of Telecommunications and IT, focused on enhancing, expanding and promoting the business and educational software industry in Egypt. He is also a member of the Egyptian National e-Content Initiative, the Egyptian Copyright Association and the Arab Publishers Association.

Abdalla Eliwa
CEO, Arabia Inform EGYPT
Modern Academy University, BS, Business Administration & Management

  • As a son of the founder, Abdalla has played very diverse roles in Arabia Inform since his early teens and has performed jobs within almost every division of the company.
  • In late 2011, Abdalla was appointed CEO of Arabia Inform, EGYPT, the core of Arabia Inform’s media monitoring and documentation operations.
  • He will continue his collaboration with other senior managers to enhance integration of content, applications and technology of the company to reflect international standards and cutting edge technology.
  • Abdalla will also continue his active role in business development.

Sami Kandeel
General Manager, Information Technology Department
Cairo University, BS, Accountingt Cairo University Institute of Statistical Studies & Research, Diploma, Computer Science

  • More than 30 years of experience in IT, including as the Data Processing Manager for Algomaih Group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • More than 12 years of experience with Arabia Inform, leading the development of all applications and conducting both the front and back end systems for all 24/7 operations.

Jan Diggs
Global Business Development Manager
University of Georgia, BA Journalism, Public Relations & Advertising

  • Within Arabia Inform is responsible for not only developing revenue-based business, but also seeking out and coordinating mutually beneficial global affiliations and bridge-building cultural and CSR activities.
  • More than 25 years of experience in corporate environments, including global and multinational companies, consultancies and non-profit organizations.


Amr El-Menshawy
Managing Director, AskZad
Cairo University, Faculty of Commerce, BS in Financial Accounting

  • Amr has more than 7 years diverse experience in e-learning, e-training, emerging media, documentation & archiving, and online journalism.
  • Facilitated AskZad/ProQuest exclusive global partnership to grow AskZad in its current markets and introduce it to new geographic regions.
  • Continues to lead multiple teams to enhance AskZad’s content, platforms and bridges to other library essentials like MARC records and OCLC.

Bassyoni Fathy
Manager, Middle East Legal Resources
Cairo University, Bachelors Degree in Literature & Linguistic Science

Middle East Monitor:

Hosny Al Damarawi
Director, Media Intelligence Center,
Cairo University, Bachelors Degree, Economics & Political Science

  • More than 10 years experience with Arabia Inform as an information specialist, with expertise in media monitoring and analysis.

Entessar Mohamed
Deputy Director, Media Intelligence Center, Media Indicators Section
Assiut University, Bachelors of Commerce, Political Sciences Section

Omar Refai
Manager, Press Monitoring Division
Assiut University, Bachelor of Commerce, Political Sciences Section

  • More than 12 years of experience with Arabia Inform as an information specialist.
  • Currently manages the team that monitors, indexes and archives more than 1000 newspapers and magazines published in the Arab world, in addition to thousands of news sites and millions of blogs on the internet.
  • His team’s output totals more than 20,000 articles daily, as well as real-time indexing for more than 200,000 internet news articles per day.

Mohamed Hassan
Manager, Television & Radio Monitoring Division
Cairo University, Bachelors Degree, Economy & Political Science

  • More than 12 years of experience with Arabia Inform as an information specialist.

Acumen Media Intelligence:

Khaled Fayyad
Editorial Manager, Acumen Media Intelligence
Cairo University, Bachelors of Political Science


Abdelrahman Eliwa
Manager, Moheet Portals
6th of October University, BA in Mass Communications, Advertising & Public Relations

  • As a son of the founder, Abdelrahman had dreamed since before he graduated from high school of playing a pivotal role within Moheet and developing it into one of the preeminent Arab news portals in the world.
  • Responsible for spinning off sports, women and jobs pages of Moheet into separate portals. Managed the creation of for online sports coverage, for women, children and family issues, and for job postings from around the Middle East.
  • Developing affiliations with organizations wishing to provide news, sports and entertainment updates via internet and mobile services.
  • Business development activities and strategic alliances with internet advertising sales firms.

Almotahida Multimedia:

  • More than 12 years of experience with Arabia Inform and its sister companies.
  • Responsible for a team of multimedia education and computer graphic design specialists working with governments and schools to develop historical panoramas, learning objects, curricula, and mobile content in an engaging and interactive format.

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